With physical illnesses come mental struggles such as anxiety, depression, even questions of meaning and purpose or dealing with the unknown. How do I now live? What does it mean to not have the same abilities as before? How long must I endure this change in life? 

Our health care system is starting to recognize how interconnected our physical, emotional and mental wellness are. In working in cancer care, from diagnosis through to palliative, mental health struggles pop up at varying points. Sometimes it is more about 

Cancer care and illness counselling can help you: 

  • Acknowledge and identify the struggles faced as a result of a life threatening illness
  • Provide a safe space to voice your fears and challenges as a result of illness
  • Work with the strong emotions that come with a diagnosis or changes as a result of treatment such as fear, anxiety, worry, depression, 
  • Being aware of all aspects of your experience, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, hopes, fears, expectations, and dreams as you embark on your healing journey
  • Walking alongside you as you face a new normal post treatment
  • Process the tough existential questions of life meaning and purpose -- why me? Is this suffering meaningless? Can I be me in this illness? What is life asking of me? Can I accept my life circumstances?