Authentic Living Workshops

What: The intent of these workshops is to identify a way of being in the world and promoting authentic encounters with life's questions, thus learning how to live more authentically. These workshops are created from an existential phenomenological framework which is an approach to therapy based on the works of Viktor Frankl and expanded by Dr. Alfried Langle. For more information please visit Existential Analysis Canada

Who: These workshops are designed for personal and professional development for those training or working in the helping field or those wanting to invest in personal growth. All workshops will be a combination of teaching, small group activities and individual activities.  For Registration for any or all of these workshops, please fill out the form below.

Cost: Price per workshop is $100 for general public/professionals, $75 for students in psychology/counselling. 

Location and time: All workshops are offered on Saturdays from 10am - 4 pm in Fort Langley at Trinity House across from the Fort Pub.

These workshops are facilitated by Jillian Hart, MA, RCC, CCC and Tammy Bartel, MA, RCC, CT - please see links for more information on the presenters. 

Fall 2018 Workshops

Workshop 1: Exploring inner consent and motivation September 22nd, 2018

  • Exploring how we can get in touch with an "inner yes" to life
  • Digging into the start of motivation and what moves us in life 
  • A great introduction into what existential analysis psychotherapy can offer

Workshop 2: Enduring and acceptance: the start of being in the world- October 20th, 2018

  • To gain a clearer perspective for navigating life's limitations and potentialities
  • Exploring the beginning of our freedom 
  • Discussing what it means in life to endure and a pathway towards accepting the conditions of life 

Workshop 3: Finding our place in this world through protection, space and support - November 17th, 2018

  • Exploring our sense of home/homeland
  • Dialoging with themes of protection, space, and support
  • Coming to a greater sense of where we are in life and the potential pressures and anxieties or fears that come in 

Spring 2019 Workshops

    Dates To be announced... 

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