Grief and Loss Counselling 

Our society is not as good at supporting those who are grieving. It is a healthy process to grieve. However, our society inadvertently puts a time on the length of grief, and places these often unsaid expectations to those who are grieving to "do better" and "be happy" despite what they have been through.

We not only grieve when those we love die, we also grieve:

  • Personal losses: When a hoped for event, expectation, or plan is not met. Perhaps it is the loss of a dream, a job, or abilities dues to one's health.

  • Relationship losses: When there is a loss of relationship even if the person is still alive, when we loose a friendship, a relationship, separation, divorce, death of a pet or of a close friend. This loss may be of a traumatic nature in being sudden or violent, or it may occur over an extended period of time such as loss associated with chronic illness.

  • Unacknowledged losses: Some of our losses are private and we do not have the same support as when they are public from supports in our lives. These losses can include miscarriage, stillborn birth, infertility and abortion. 

Grief and loss counselling can assist in:

  • Helping you turn towards what you have lost and understand it as close to it's entirety as possible. 
  • To process and acknowledge the difficult and sometimes conflicting feelings that arise with loss such as anger, numbness, sadness, guilt, etc. 
  • To identify the role the relationship that has been lost had in your life
  • To find ways to honour and remember a loved one who has died
  • To facilitate the process of turning towards life again in light of the loss