Perhaps one of the only constants we can count on in life is change. 

Sometimes the change we experience in life we adjust to readily and have the skills to be prepared and handle the change as it is in a positive direction.

Other times, the change may be sudden, we may not be prepared for it, our resources and skills that we have used before seem not to be helping at the current time. Or perhaps multiple changes have happened at once and we are struggling with how to adjust and process our current life circumstances. 

Seeking Counselling during life transitions addresses: 

  • understand what is going on for you
  • emotions that arise
  • access current strengths and resources - abilities
  • asking questions of can you be able to be in this new situation? do you like the changes? do you dislike the changes? what do we do in life when we dislinke things?
  • explore how the transition is affecting your relationships
  • at what point do you accept? 
  • come to a sense of self that is stronger and more developed