Choosing a Life of Vitality

vi·tal·i·ty  - A lively or energetic quality. The capacity for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence

An interactive class providing practical skills and tools for implementing a self-care plan. This class incorporates teaching, group discussion, interactive and individual activities and reflections around what is self-care, what does it mean to thrive instead of survive in life, and living out of a place of vitality with purpose and meaning. 

Topics include:

  • Defining differences between self-care, selfish, and selfless
  • How we get to dysfunction, the role of burnout, expectations etc. 
  • Understanding what gives and takes energy from us
  • Boundaries, understanding assertiveness and that I matter too
  • Focusing on being vs. doing
  • Self-care plans, activities, and methods for when life gets out of control

Length: 6 and 8 week formats available; mini course available for a one day intensive workshop. Great for teams, workplace, community groups, students, etc. 

We-ness: Couple coping and identity through illness

This workshop is based on research conducted on couples facing a life-threatening illness. In this workshop questions will be answered such as what is we-ness? Why does it matter? And what do we need to be mindful of when counselling those facing illness as a couple? This workshop is intended for therapists and social workers who are on the front lines of working with those facing cancer. 

Length: 1.5 hours including questions

The Basics of Grief: Why "just get over it" doesn't cut it anymore

In our North American society, we have shied away from those who are mourning and who are in grief. It is time for us as a community to step out and support those who are grieving, accepting the difference a loss brings to those around us, and removing the expectation of them to "get over it" so that we can go back to the relationships we had with them before. This workshop is a combination of teaching, research, group discussion and activities breaking down what is grief, the myths associated with those grieving, how to/not to support someone who is grieving and the differences between grief and depression. At the end of this workshop a greater understanding of grief will be had as well as how to as a community support a family or those who are grieving around us. 

Length: One day workshop geared towards small groups, workplaces, and small communities