Kid's Grief Group

It is hard for all of us to walk through loosing someone close to us. This is especially true for children who do not have the same resources or coping abilities as adults to weather the emotional storm that comes with grief. Whether it is the loss of a grandparent, parent, sibling, or family pet, children need to grieve as well. Combining different modalities of expressive therapy, art therapy, photo therapy and emotion coaching, this group addresses topics such as understanding grief and other hard emotions they may be experiencing, remembering and honouring the person whom they have lost, continuing bonds, discussing family dynamics, and self-care.

Sessions last 1.5 hours and run for 8 weeks. Please be in touch in regards to cost. 

Partner's of Cancer Patients Group

Having your partner receive a cancer diagnosis can be an incredibly stressful time. There are many changes that occur during the time of surgery, treatment, and recovery. This group is a combination of psycho-education every week on a specific topic, as well as a process group providing support and a place to share your journey with others who are in a similar space. 

Sessions last 1.5 hours and run for 10 weeks. Please be in touch in regards to cost and start times. 

Young Caregivers of Parents Going Through Cancer 

This group is intended for those who are young adults who are caring for their parents facing cancer. Being a young adult in a time of life of differentiating from your family, pursuing your own dreams whether academic, vocational, or spiritual, things shift substantially when you take on the role of caregiver or support person for an immediate family member facing cancer. There are not many This is a support process group with each week having a different topic (self-care, boundaries, the benefits of caregiving, the costs etc.). 

Sessions last 1.5 hours and run for 6 weeks. Please be in touch in regards to cost.